Research Programs

Ongoing interests: plant stress physiology (from natural to urban environments), root physiology and rhizosphere dynamics

Current projects:

  • Effect of nitrogen fertilization on tree growth, tree physiology and root zone dynamics in Pecan orchards
  • Students: Hayley Hannah (MS) and Paige Graves (MS) – click for movie of Paige using an airspade to follow Pecan roots
  • Green roof ecosystem services & plant physiology
  • Student: Kirk Laminack (MS)
  • Effect of salinity on citrus and watermelon growth
  • Student: Catherine Simpson (PhD)
  • Effects of multi-cropping on production in small scale farming
  • Student: Jose Franco (PhD)

Finished projects:

  • Effects of precipitation redistribution and warming on species dynamics in Post Oak savanna
  • Student: Andrew Cartmill (PhD, graduated May 2011)
  • Effect of pervious pavement on urban tree growth and root zone dynamics
  • Student: Bhavana Viswanathan (MS graduated May 2009)